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Enriching business & urban story experiences by delivering  connectivity, content & information to the world.



With almost 8 billion people on the planet, we know that there is more than one way to tell your story, but with so many people, how can we connect with them?

We understand that some people and businesses go on journeys, traverse urban experiences and may tell their message through traditional means, social platforms, authorship, creating art pieces, taking photographs, making music, TV and so much more - there is no one linear path.

Cindication is a Media Suite & Communications Company that provides products and services that focus on your chosen medium for your business and craft and helps you communicate your story and message to the world by rejecting the conventional and concentrating solely on your story and your truth.

It's so much more than impressions and clicks, it's about making real life impact through your message by speaking right to the heart of people.


Cindication is thrilled to announce global promotion rights for global sensation, Dion Jensen - Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Clinically Endorsed Author, in a collaborative joint venture based upon a shared world vision.

Dion is a dynamic and refreshing global solution-focused thought-leader, in the psychosocial and cultural transformation space. A specialist leader and manager, Dion was headhunted to fulfil corporate leadership and management roles, where he showed a unique skill of increasing engagement, productivity and revenue by treating staff as VIP's. (Value, Identity, Purpose)

A global agreement between the two power houses, allows more individuals and organizations the opportunity to access tangible solutions and has both Dion Jensen and Cindication extremely excited to outline several future endeavours together.

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