About Us

Cindication Co. is a Communications Agency...
Enriching business & urban story experiences by delivering connectivity, content and information, that elevates their message, to the world.
Our team is composed of accomplished leaders with deep experience across communications, media, public relations, technology, consulting, and operations. They share a passion for urban innovation to improve people’s daily lives in cities and regional, through meaningful connection and communication of their message and story. We also collaborate with like-mind businesses and work closely to create solutions for our clients. 

Our Team


Melissa Coleman

PR Account Manager

Journalist, Author and PR magician, bringing stories to the forefront


Cindy Rochstein

Founder - Cindication

Creator of Communications Agency helping Small People with Big Voices


Corrine Barraclough

Freelance Writer, Journalist & TV Commentator

Writer of true equality and commentator on all things essential for social balance


Emma White

Virtual Research Investigator

The best researcher and planner of all things virtual


Angela Rose

Personal Assistant

Keeping the team together and working in harmony


Brad Aulsebrook

Graphic Designer

Creator of all things fabulous and visual

Our Mission

  • Our mission: To enrich your message through connection and communication

  • We have grown and developed over the last 20 years a distinctive culture and way to foster relationships and know who our audiences are and what they are looking for


  • We help build your reputation through Strategic Communications, Traditional PR & Social Platforms 

  • To learn more about our services and what's in our Wheelhouse click below:


Cindication is a start-up media and communications company.

It was formed on the back of 20 years international PR & Communications experience after the need for PR, Comms and reputation management extended beyond business and specific industries to take on and incorporate other Indies, artistic crafts and products.

Reputation management, content creation, information and connectivity apply across the board to all pursuits and we needed to grow and develop in order to reflect this change in our world.


In doing so, we have created a unique and powerful combination of expertise in cities and regional areas, through media, technology, communication and design, with the scale, experience, and resources to connect the digital and physical worlds as never before...and we're just getting started.