About Us

From business to urban story experience to world-wide connectivity with people.

Cindication enriches business messages and people's stories about everyday journeys and urban experiences by delivering connectivity, information, and content that elevates their story and message to the world.

Our Mission

  • Our mission: To enrich your message through connection and communication

  • We have grown and developed over the last 20 years a distinctive culture and way to foster relationships and know who our audiences are and what they are looking for


  • We help build your reputation through Strategic Communications, Traditional PR & Social Platforms 


Cindication is a start-up media and communications company.

It was formed on the back of 20 years international PR experience after the need for PR and reputation management extended beyond business and specific industries to take on and incorporate other artistic crafts and products.

Reputation management, content creation, information and connectivity apply across the board to all pursuits and we needed to grow and develop in order to reflect this change in the world.


In doing so, we have created a unique and powerful combination of expertise in cities, media, technology, communication and design, with the scale, experience, and resources to connect the digital and physical worlds as never before...and we're just getting started.


Our team is composed of accomplished leaders with deep experience across communications, media, technology, consulting, and operations. They share a passion for urban innovation to improve people’s daily lives in cities through meaningful connection and communication of their message and story. We also collaborate, creating Joint Ventures (JV) with like-mind businesses and work closely to create solutions for our clients. 

Our Team

Cindy Rochstein

Founder of Cindication

Cindy Rochstein is the Founder & Director of Cindication Co. (Pty Ltd). With over 20 years experience in the PR & Communications sector, she is all about connection and understands what her clients and audiences need. She is a powerful change maker and influencer helping others achieve their dreams.

As a humanitarian she runs a social enterprise called 'Pencils Community' that helps change the lives of thousands of children across the world through the gift of a pencil. Focusing on Education, Sustainability and Humanitarian issues she strives to help others wherever she can.

She is a huge advocate in the health and wellness industry and is also an internationally five-times published author and professional speaker.

Melissa Coleman

PR Account Manager, 

Journalist & Author

Melissa Coleman is the PR & Media Account Manager for Cindication Co. (Pty Ltd) handling all our Client accounts and addressing all their Media and PR needs.


With over 15 years experience in Journalism, Media, PR & Communications and Authorship, she is experienced and confident to lead the team.

She is also passionate about helping others and Sustaining our Future through community organisations, businesses, relationships and more.

With the hashtag (#LetsBeTheChange) Melissa established “Earth Alliance – Sustainability it’s Our Future” -  a unique blog that considers all the issues big and small whereby she takes the opportunity to share thoughts, passions and ideas to demonstrate that the future, our future, has value and is worth advocating for. 

Corrine Barraclough

Freelance Writer, Journalist & TV Commentator

Corrine Barraclough is a freelance writer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. She's been a journalist for 20 years and held senior positions at several magazines in London and New York before moving to Sydney to edit NW magazine.

She's now a regular contributor to Sky News Australia and writes for The Spectator and Daily Telegraph.


Corrine is passionate about TRUE EQUALITY. Having been alienated from her own father, and only connecting when she was 40, she is committed to raising awareness about parental alienation, dysfunctional relationships, addiction, sobriety and recovery.

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