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Tracie Eaton - Artist

~Art that touches your soul~

Art is more than a painting on a wall. 

Art evokes emotion.  Art creates and reinforces memories.  Art is a captured moment in time. All you need to decide, is how you want your environment to feel.  What impression, what impact do you wish to create when someone first views your property.  The right artwork revolutionises a space and ensures that it is remembered. The right artwork creates a lasting impression of your brand.

Cindication proudly represents the Tracie Eaton Brand, encompassing luxury, exclusivity, quality and personal engagement. As your Art Broker we assist in the personal and seamless relationship between client and artist knowing that you can feel comfortable in what is created for you, is unique to you and will be something that you love. 

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Some of Tracie Eaton's art work

About Tracie Eaton

Australian Modern Artist and Author Tracie Eaton captivates her clients with personalised, exquisite and tailored artwork.  Tracie Eaton originals and custom artworks are bold, statement pieces. They are highly sought after globally, due to her highly focussed creative flair, her passionate painting style and exceptional quality standards. This includes being the exclusive artist for gift bags celebrating the 2019 Golden Globes and Oscars.  
Tracie has been painting for over 12 years, selling on the global stage for 9 years and her painting style is linked to her passionate belief about the impact that colour has on us.  Her training as an Occupational Therapist and in Colour Psychology has led Tracie to strategically use colour in her artwork to elicit emotive responses from all who view it.  
Tracie Eaton has been engaged in corporate and B2B sales, business management and business ownership  for 20 years prior to transitioning to professional artist.  Tracie’s diverse skill set ensures she is equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver to deadline.


Tracie specialises in supply of both original artworks and one-off fine art reproductions for the tourism industry and corporate sector as well as creating bespoke artwork for residential clients.  Tracie is passionate about driving growth though tourism, is an active member of Women in Tourism in the Gold Coast Australia. ​


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