Before launching Cindication, Cindy founded the world-renowned, successful charity, ‘Pencils Community’. Pencils Community is a social enterprise that takes your new, used and discarded pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil cases and other stationary items, re-bundles them , re-purposes them and gives them to children in need across Australia and around the globe. 

To date, Pencils has handed out over a million pencils to children in need in 28 countries. 


Cindy has negotiated deals with large pens/pencils manufacturers to donate new and used equipment that would otherwise have ended up in landfill to kids who have never even held a pencil before. 

The motto is this - helping children colour their world has changed the lives of thousands of children. 

The motto is simple - the work is fulfilling. 

The charity receives pencils and stationary and distributes via ‘The Sixth Child’ charity (formerly SANCSS). 

Cindication has also worked and partnered with The LesTwentyman Foundation, Colour Our Story, OrphFund, and Footys4All and Cindy is on the board of 'Glimmer For Pets', a charity that helps foster dogs and cats that are also victims of family violence, providing foster care for pets, whilst families can get safe and ultimately resettled and reunited with their beloved four-legged friends. 

As Cindy Rochstein worked across the entirety of this project from branding to messaging, connecting with your audience to raising awareness/donations, we are here to help all charities shine. 

Case Studies



Case Study Pencils Community Synopsis:

PENCILS COMMUNITY is a social enterprise that takes your new, used and discarded pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil cases and other stationery items, re-bundles them and gives them to children in need in Australia and around the globe. Our motto - helping children colour their world.


Founded by Cindy Rochstein in 2015, equipped with one messy desk and a Facebook post and some sheer passion she (with the help of many special volunteers) turned this simple creative idea into a reality.


We strongly believe and focus on initiatives that support: Education, Sustainability and Humanitarian Issues. 


This is our thinking..."Take a pencil and create, draw, colour, learn, read and write - it is a tool for opportunity" and it is this concept, which makes us want to give 100% of our profits, time and energy back into the communities that need it most - our kids at Pencils Communities.

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Case Study Glimmer For Pets Synopsis:


Glimmer For Pets is a charity that provides temporary accommodation for Pets in Domestic Violence, Separation/Divorce. Pets, are part of a family, they sadly like children do not choose their situation. We want to support PETS that are in crisis and need temporary accommodation.

As part of our responsibilities of being on the Board we volunteer our time and skills to help provides services for things such as Vets, Pet Grooming, Pet food and bedding, PR, fundraising and more. Cindication assists with these duties and helps with PR.

We coordinate and liaise with other organisations such as DHS (Department of Human Services), Police Victoria, 'Safe Steps' and other professional bodies to ensure that safety is paramount for families and pets and all involved as victims of family violence.

Many families do not leave family violence situations until they know all members of their family (including pets) are safe. Pets are often victims of violence too. We don't just save pets, we save families. Once families are safe and resettled they are reunited with. their four-legged family members.

'Sparkle' (pictured) was our first puppy we saved.