Sibling Piggyback
Sibling Piggyback

Conscious education and getting prepared for life's up-and-downs needs to begin with children. Importantly, it needs to begin in the minds of our children.

Confidence, resilience… all human behavioural patterns begin well before we become adults. 

At Cindication, we believe in the importance of planting seeds in children’s minds to give them the very best start in life. 

Cindication and our trusted partners work with children to create positive patterns from an early age.


We are proud to be part of the global conversation around education reform and how that connects to mental health. 

We work continually hard to align ourselves with thought leaders in this space and work closely with several groups, education and neurodiversity organisations.

We have worked with Phillip Island Village School (PIVS) and the Village High School (VHS) to help them discover their place at the podium for discussion on education reform, and to introduce and implement different school models and how to start the conscious education journey armed with purpose and a plan. 

Plus, we have worked on projects with The I CAN Network, looking at neurodiversity and celebrating an "I Can" attitude by breaking down stereotypes and by providing understanding and knowledge about being on the Autism Spectrum.

Cindication is working on developing an online program exploring how conscious education can impact mental health. Partnering up with PALC (Human Behaviour & Trauma Experts) we will endeavour to create long lasting impacts on our youth and assist them in being empowered so they can have a bright future.


Case Studies

Case Study of Phillip Island

Village School (PIVS) &

Village High School

(VHS) Synopsis:


Phillip Island Village School (PIVS) combines a range of educational philosophies, new and old, to provide a unique range of learning opportunities for children. They believe that children need a fresh educational experience if they are to thrive in our increasingly changing world.

Their programs are designed to support children to get to know themselves, their learning preferences and how to work with others. They have many opportunities to make decisions and have a say over how their day looks. They also encourage adventure – physical, social and academic, and have lots of excursions, camps and outdoor activities.

Village High School (VHS) is the natural extension of PIVS as well as other local schools and opened in 2020.

Cindication was involved in helping empower the team at PIVS and VHS to utilise social media and traditional media to get their message and philosophies out there to the local region and also to be at the forefront of discussion and key spokespeople about educational reform and why its needed more than ever.

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Case Study of The I CAN NETWORK  Synopsis:

As part of the global conversation on 'How we do school' we are seeing more and more emphasis being placed on 'Social and Emotional' health of our children. Terms such as 'filling your bucket' or 'filling someone else's bucket' are now used.

We are seeing an increasing awareness of the learning needs of neurodiverse children and as well as children suffering increased levels of anxiety and trauma. We are all about inclusive learning and everyone's needs being met.

Cindication loves to work with The I Can Network on projects. The I Can Network is an amazing organisation which focuses on bringing out the "I CAN" attitude for humans on the Autism Spectrum.

Headed up by CEO, Chris Varney, a team of dedicated mentors help provide kids and young adults with the tools they need to excel and find joy in their world. Chris is widely recognised for his popular TED TALK - "Autism - How My Unstoppable Mother Proved the Experts Wrong: Chris Varney at TEDxMelbourne"

Chris Varney - CEO of the I CAN Network.