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Conscious education and getting prepared for life's up-and-downs needs to begin with children. Importantly, it needs to begin in the minds of our children.

Confidence, resilience… all human behavioural patterns begin well before we become adults. 

At Cindication, we believe in the importance of planting seeds in children’s minds to give them the very best start in life. 

Cindication and our trusted partners work with children to create positive patterns from an early age.


We are proud to be part of the global conversation around education reform and how that connects to mental health. 

We work continually hard to align ourselves with thought leaders in this space and work closely with several groups, education and neurodiversity organisations.

We have worked with Phillip Island Village School (PIVS) and the Village High School (VHS) to help them discover their place at the podium for discussion on education reform, and to introduce and implement different school models and how to start the conscious education journey armed with purpose and a plan. 

Plus, we have worked with The I CAN Network (autism focus), looking at neurodiversity. 

Cindication is working on developing an online program exploring how conscious education can impact mental health.

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Never has there been a time when our mental health has been so prominent in discussion. 

Cindication has long been committed to raising awareness and ending the stigma around mental health issues, support, and helping front-line services. 

Together, we can smash down that wall of stigma and build positive mental health for all. 

Cindication’s clients and trusted partners work across the family breakdown, family violence, suicide prevention and youth sectors.

Our clients include Parents Beyond Breakup, Jodie MyIntoo and HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies). We assist with raising awareness, social media, traditional PR, campaign and events, content writing and website management. 

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to rethink how we school and how we successfully do remote school. Educational reform has become part of our global conversation. 

Parents Beyond Breakup is a charity that supports parents experiencing trauma related to family breakdowns and separation. Separation from their former partner and from their children; a factor closely linked to suicide in Australia. 

The charity firmly believes that every child deserves the best possible start in life and remains committed to keeping parents alive and in their kid’s lives. 

Dads in Distress and Mums in Distress are two of our front line support services. 

As part of the ongoing campaign work we do, we’ve been working with Dads In Distress Support Services on a specific campaign called ‘Dad’s Alive!’ which aims to reduce suicide in separated dads. 


Here’s one of the powerful stories so you can see some of the campaign/case study work we are working towards for better outcomes for men.


Paul is a NSW dad in his 40’s. This is his story:

“My wife left me in 2017. We’d been together for ten years and had two children. I had a bad car accident and ended up with a broken back and neck. She was my power of attorney. She used that to clear out my bank. She also withdrew money on my home loan, ran a GoFundMe to cover my medical bills. It was a scam. I was in a public hospital. I only found out and pieced it all together when a lady contacted me on Facebook.


My wife earns around $250,000 and [her new partner] earns $500,000. It’s all about money. She used my brain injury to get a temporary DV intervention order placed on me. She’s using near-unlimited income to keep dragging me through the courts and make me suffer. My solicitor said I could fight the DV order, but his advice was to accept it and save the money.

They’ve dragged me through court for two years so far. She keeps stopping me from seeing my children. My solicitor has said this cannot continue. But it does. I didn’t see this side of my wife when we were married. I don’t want to see other people go through this.”


Read Paul’s full story, and others here:


These lived experience stories are part of our www.dadsalive.org campaign; keeping dads alive and in their kids lives.


If you need support, reach out to us at www.dids.org.au or call our helpline 1300 853 437, Mon-Sat, 09.00-17.00 AEST.


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We seriously love this space!

Cindication’s work across conscious education and mental health means that health and wellbeing is of upmost importance. It is only when our own cup is full that we can give our best selves to others. That means we take health and wellbeing seriously!

Some of our key partners in Health & Wellbeing include Yowza Wellbeing, Micheline Andrews, Island Healing and Karen Rudd (yogi). 

Cindy, who masterminds Cindication, created the book ‘Seeking Wellness’, along with accompanying educational seminar and ‘Seeking Wellness’ program. These have helped many people to make small changes in their lives and enabled them to benefit their own health from a holistic approach. Identifying the concept of PEISES (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Environmental and Spiritual Wellness), she uses this is her simple pragmatic approach when it comes to tackling big issues. She regularly delivers the program to groups including women, corporate groups and also teams up and collaborates with other charities.


As well, Cindy has partnered up with PALC (Human Behaviour & Trauma Experts) advising, and creating pilot projects on youth mental health and encompassing her passion on conscious education and PALC's philosophies of empowering and inspiring young children. This partnership also highlights their important work being done with neurodiverse children.  

Cindy also developed the pilot program ‘LionHeart’ in 2017, which looked into healing and support pathways for emergency services personnel with Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD).


Cindy has personal experience with autoimmune diseases and Lymes disease, which gifts her unique insights and passion within this space. 

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Cindication is also about things in life that bring us all joy! This includes travel, arts, singers and lifestyle.

We take pride in nurturing fresh and upcoming talent, help artists find their niche and then tell the world about them!

We’ve assisted Caz Inc on supporting her label as well as  Jamie Lee Wilson with her media. 

As we being to emerge from the heavy restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, we know there is huge pressure on domestic Australian travel. Having been stuck indoors, many people are keen to explore. 

The synergy here works well with Cindication’s focus on health, wellbeing and mental health. We all need to be able to make time to nature bathe, take a trip to a wellness retreat and seek serenity. 

Cindication is focused on becoming the one-stop shop for wellness – including travel!

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Cindication’s work with many leading Indie Authors of our time has been extensive. It spans from social media work through to traditional PR. 

We have worked on manuscript appraisals, writing coaching and assisted self-publishing.

We can help newcomers to find the words to articulate their story, hone their message and spread the word. 

The Cindication team enjoys becoming immersed in a story and building a campaign that reflects it. 

At Cindication we believe in creating the right buzz, not just the same old buzz!

We have worked with authors who needed support with one or two steps of the process to those who have desired assistance on the entirety of their journey. 

We’ve helped with media releases to book launches, book signings to speaking engagements, website creation to social media campaigns. 

Essentially, Cindication can offer an Indie Author starter kit – and we know what we’re talking about. 

Cindy Rochstein is a professional author and speaker, a powerful change maker and influencer who helps other achieve their dreams. She is a six times internationally published author and has ghost written several books. 




Before launching Cindication, Cindy founded the world-renowned, successful charity, ‘Pencils Community’. Pencils Community is a social enterprise that takes your new, used and discarded pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil cases and other stationary items, re-bundles them , re-purposes them and gives them to children in need across Australia and around the globe. 

To date, Pencils has handed out over a million pencils to children in need in 28 countries. 

Cindy has negotiated deals with large pens/pencils manufacturers to donate new and used equipment that would otherwise have ended up in landfill to kids who have never even held a pencil before. 

The motto is this - helping children colour their world has changed the lives of thousands of children. 

The motto is simple - the work is fulfilling. 

The charity receives pencils and stationary and distributes via ‘The Sixth Child’ charity (formerly SANCSS). 

Cindication has also worked and partnered with The LesTwentyman Foundation, Colour Our Story, OrphFund, and Footys4All. 

As Cindy Rochstein worked across the entirety of this project from branding to messaging, connecting with your audience to raising awareness/donations, we are here to help all charities shine. 

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Your data is now the most guarded asset of all time.

Cindication represents clients who are at the cutting-edge of professional hacking and cyber security.

We are committed to contributing to the conversation about tech safety and how that impacts our daily lives.

Cindication can help with product launches, a media or tailored made social media campaign, or breaking onto the Australian speaking circuit.

Cindy Rochstein is a professional author and speaker, a powerful change maker and influencer who helps others achieve their dreams. She is a six times internationally published author and has ghost written several books. She can help you fulfil your dreams too.

We’re also interested in the connection between tech, mental health and wellbeing. 


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