crisis management


Panicking in a crisis will not get you very far.


Cindication represents clients who have lost control over a situation, received negative PR or poor press and do not know what to do next. 


Many businesses freeze and say nothing, others try to sweep the issue under the rug, and many refuse to comment at all about the glaringly obvious 'elephant in the room'. All of these so called 'non-reactions' do a disservice to not only you as a leader, but also directly to your brand.


Reacting well in a crisis involves keeping calm and having patience. You must be balanced, act concisely, work quickly and communicate clearly. These factors will assist you if caught in a position of negative or damaging PR to your brand.


Whether it be a scandal, a product flop or a worldwide pandemic(!!), we are committed to contributing to your need for a plan to help protect your reputation. 


And with any negative, we can help you find a positive and learn how to find that silver lining after all.

Case Studies

Case Studies Synopsis:

A PR crisis can hit any one individual, any brand at any time. No one is immune. If we know this, then we know that we should be as prepared as possible. 


Thoroughly auditing your products, services, or brand we can help you identify likely scenarios and forecast possible outcomes in the event of a crisis. We can help you prepare a detailed communications plan, identify who will be qualified to speak on the issue and how to handle communications on behalf of the brand. At Cindication, we provide you with a roadmap that will help you remain calm and balanced and to also act swiftly.


It is important to note, that not all PR crises are awful (although they may feel like that at the time) and some can actually be turned into a positive. Such as: being more connected with their audiences, demonstrate empathy and understanding, gain credibility and showcase their strength and skills as a leader (under trying circumstances). We have helped many clients see this perspective and outlook.

*As you can imagine due to the nature of a 'crises' we have deliberately chosen not to name our specific clients here whom we work with.

Remember it's not so much the crime but the cover-up that tells you everything about a brand and a leader.


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