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Cindication’s work across conscious education and mental health means that health and wellbeing is of upmost importance. It is only when our own cup is full that we can give our best selves to others. That means we take health and wellbeing seriously!

Some of our key partners in Health & Wellbeing include Yowza Wellbeing, Micheline Andrews, Island Healing and Karen Rudd (yogi). We regularly provide traditional PR and social media support to our clients and brands. 

As well, Cindy Rochstein (Founder) has partnered up with PALC (Human Behaviour & Trauma Experts) advising, and creating pilot projects on youth mental health and encompassing her passion on conscious education and PALC's philosophies of empowering and inspiring young children. This partnership also highlights their important work being done with children suffering anxiety and trauma and neurodiverse children.

Case Studies


                         Case Study PALC Synopsis:

PALC was founded in 2017 and focuses on the health, wellbeing and mental fortitude of both adults and children. Their mission is to inspire and empower individuals to believe in themselves and provide them with awareness and toolkits for life to fulfil their potential.

PALC is spear-headed by Kym Turale, a Human Behaviour and Trauma Expert with over 33+ years as a Police Officer, Negotiator, and Police Welfare/Wellbeing Officer. Kym has also been part of a 'Adopt-a-Cop' and is part of a volunteer 'Mentors Program' for secondary school students.

Cindication has been working with PALC from the beginning with their communications and PR and now as they grow and expand, help get their message crystal clear and out there in order to help provide a service for those in need.

In response to this, PALC in conjunction with assistance from Cindication Founder, Cindy Rochstein, have been establishing programs that can be used by teachers, parents and mentors for personal and professional development (including a special focus on neurodiversity, anxiety and trauma). In addition, specific programs, (online programs and workshops) have been created to help empower children through the use of social stories and strategy toolkits.

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                           Case Study Take-a-Broth  Synopsis:

Micheline Andrews is a qualified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, completing studies at both the ‘Institute of Integrative Nutrition’ and ‘Health Academy Australia’. In addition to coaching, she is an author, educator and bone broth advocate.


Upon receiving her own personal wake-up call when a significant trauma changed her life, she set about and discovered the healing elixir of bone broth. She was so passionate about the impact it had on her own healing journey, she wanted to get the information out there to benefit others.

The beginning of her own business, “Broth of Life”, Micheline was the first person in the world to sell broth in powdered form and soon gained world-wide trademarking.

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