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Never has there been a time when our mental health has been so prominent in discussion.

Cindication has long been committed to raising awareness and ending the stigma around mental health issues, support, and helping front-line services. 

Together, we can smash down that wall of stigma and build positive mental health for all. 


Cindication’s clients and trusted partners work across the family breakdown, family violence, suicide prevention and youth sectors.

Our clients include Parents Beyond Breakup, Jodie MyIntoo and HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies). We assist with raising awareness, social media, traditional PR, campaign and events, content writing and website management. 

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to rethink how we school and how we successfully do remote school. Educational reform has become part of our global conversation. 

Case Studies


Case Study of Parents Beyond

Breakup Synopsis:

Parents Beyond Breakup is a charity that supports parents experiencing trauma related to family breakdowns and separation. Separation from their former partner and from their children; a factor closely linked to suicide in Australia. 

The charity firmly believes that every child deserves the best possible start in life and remains committed to keeping parents alive and in their kid’s lives. 

Dads in Distress and Mums in Distress are two of our front line support services.

As part of the ongoing campaign work we do, we’ve been working with Dads In Distress Support Services on a specific campaign called ‘Dad’s Alive!’ which aims to reduce suicide in separated dads. 


There are many powerful stories and you can see some of the campaign/case study work we are working towards for better outcomes for men.

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Case Study Jodie MyIntoo Counsellor


Jodie Myintoo is a leading counsellor specialising in relationship breakdown and family law based in Melbourne, Australia. She consults privately from her clinic in Melbourne, specifically focused on separating men and women, and family law.


She also focuses on a wide range of associated psychological issues including grief, trauma, resilience and effectively managing stress.


Jodie says, “Counselling is my passion. I love working with clients, helping them to navigate the system. At the same time, we work through the grief, loss and sometimes trauma that comes from a separation. I work hard with clients to build a proactive plan for the future to ensure that they, and their children, get the very best version of themselves.”

Cindication assists Jodie MyIntoo Counsellor on traditional media, social media and print brochure campaigns and we have secured Jodie has a regular spot on radio and Podcast where she can discuss her expert views on Family Law, Grief, Trauma and more.

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