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Cindy (Dog lover & Humanitarian) has been in PR for over 20 years with International, National and Local experience across all industry sectors. She has seen the many faces of PR in her time from the champagne-filled days of Europe in the 90's to keeping up with technology platforms that evolved almost overnight, and so... feels well equipped to handle what PR can throw at her and bring out the very best for her clients.

She believes strongly in the value of PR and telling your story and building trust in relationships, because the one thing that remains the same in PR, is telling your story in the right way to the right people at the right time - and that never changes. The mediums (or the way in which we tell your story may change from that of, static Traditional PR such as newspapers to the dynamic nature of Socials), but the relationships you build with your audience and your story-telling, does not.

The key to PR is talking "WITH" your audience, not "AT" them and in a world of increasing automation, authenticity still reigns supreme. PR is all about building relationships, protecting your brand, perception management and of course, your reputation (your #1 asset).

Many entrepreneurs or small businesses lack the confidence to establish PR for their brand and products. We all have a story to share and even if we are "boot-strapping" (which is doing everything from being the CEO to being the Cleaner), PR can often be handled in-house in a manageable way once the right skills are taught. Alternatively, out-sourcing your PR needs enables you to concentrate on what it is you do best, your business.

Cindication Co. works with an amazing team that helps to source the right needs for your business. We offer a suite of services from Traditional PR to Socials PR, Content, Writing, Web, Brand Management, Strategy and "Big Bubble" creative conceptualisation (in other words, really REALLY big, fun ideas)! 

And...because of who we are and what we believe in, we especially love collaborating on our passion projects with our clients who work in the space of Humanitarian, Creative and Cause-related projects. All of us sharing the same philanthropic vision of helping grass-root initiatives and charities that make this world a much better and brighter place.  ​​​

If you want to find out more, or just want to talk to us about how much you love your dog then please reach us at:


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