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Child Snatchers Released at the end of March

“The Child Snatchers examines the difficulty of parent-child abduction cases and is essential reading for anyone working in family law. Jasmin raises important ethical questions of what’s in a child’s best interest with parents of differing cultural value systems. Importantly, she asks us, society, to consider how we adapt and grow in a dynamic family relationship space.” - Alicia Huppatz - Family Lawyer

"Jasmin Newman shines a light on the complexity of issues that underlie the problem through gripping tales of loss, heartbreak and, on rare occasions, triumph. The book will interest anyone worried about the future of families, parenting and raising children amid a plethora of often conflicting value systems." - Dr Tanveer Ahmed. Psychiatrist, Journalist and Author of Fragile Nation

Jasmin Newman Author

Australian Government figures estimate between 500-1500 children are abducted every year from our waters to an overseas country, making Australia one of the highest-ranking parent-child abduction hotspots in the world.

To put those figures in perspective, this equates to the equivalent of three primary schools.

Author of The Child Snatchers, Jasmin Newman said after working professionally with separated families she became aware of the extent of international parent-child abduction cases.

“I was shocked at how widespread it was,” Ms Newman said.

“And more importantly, I saw a commonality with Australian family law cases where a child is taken. So, I wanted to explore this and present both sides and, where possible, the legal aspects.”

The Child Snatchers, which will be released later this month at Gleebooks in Sydney, explores the too often bitter nature of separation and divorce, and the heavy reliance on an overburdened Australian Family Law system.

Ms Newman said The Child Snatchers takes an investigative look at some of Australia’s more notorious cases.

“The book examines 14 stories of parent-child abduction including the more prominent cases of Sally Faulkner, who along with a 60 Minutes television crew, found herself in a Beirut prison for trying to bring her children back to Australia.”

“The four Vincenti sisters who were brought to Australia and returned to Italy under traumatic circumstances and Dorothy Lee Barnett who was wanted for abduction by the FBI for 20 years and then finally found on the Sunshine Coast,” she said.

With family separations on the increase and large numbers of immigrants from the Middle East and Asia residing in Australia, the Nation loses many children to non-Hauge compliant countries.

“This means there is no assistance or legal right of return. Left-behind parents are then forced to turn to recovery agents, some of which put children into a worse situation than the abduction itself.”

“Our family law system is overburdened, and I don’t believe many parents are capable of processing the deep, complex emotions around this very personal issue. Separating families need support, but the most common used option is an overburdened court of law,” she said.

The Child Snatchers also raises ethical questions on how to prevent international and domestic abductions from occurring, and what society can do to support loved ones through a better, less adversarial decision-making process after relationship breakdown.

“The aim is to raise awareness of the growing number of Australian children who are the unwitting victims of their parents’ separation,” Ms Newman said.


Gleebooks, Glebe NSW Upstairs @49

Friday 27 March 6pm-6.30pm

Please RSVP 02 9660 2333


Jasmin Newman is an educator, mediator and coach who has been an active proponent in the reform of the family law system since 2013. Her interest in family court matters arose when, through her work, she found herself listening to heart-wrenching stories of parental alienation and abduction, all of which involved complex family court decisions.

This led to Jasmin learning all she could about the history of Australian family law and the interested political lobby groups which shaped its legislation. She realised that with neither the mothers’ or fathers’ groups happy with outcomes, the system was failing everyone, especially the children.

Jasmin’s pragmatic, child-focused approach helps parents navigate divorce and separation through her parenting after separation course and mediation business

She is a dedicated advocate for a less adversarial family separation process.


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