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Coronavirus has complicated an already complex Family Law system

Jodie Myintoo, Mental health counsellor launches ‘Mind Muscles’ 7-week program

Jodie Myintoo is a Melbourne based counsellor/author specialising in separation, family law, grief and trauma. She is a member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Jodie is seeing a rise in enquiries in mental health enquiries, connected to family law and separation, in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis.

She is available for interview/quotes/articles on:

· How COVID-19 is affecting the family law system

· Where the family law system will stand when all this settles

· Overload and building backlog in the court system

· Impact that will have on mental health

· The affect social isolation is having on mental health

· How people can remain physically distant but socially connected

· The importance of mental resilience, mindfulness strategies and self-soothing

· How to use your 5 senses to remain calm in isolation

“Coronavirus has complicated a complex system. I want to use my knowledge to assist those struggling with mental health battles during this challenging time. I’m helping my clients find clarity, lift the fog, breathe and make the right choices for their own situation. Having been through the family court system, I have first-hand experience of how stressful this process can be,” says Jodie. “In addition, we now have the coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the already broken system. I understand the stress, help people with the paperwork and am passionate about supporting parents going through separation.”

As we all get to grips with the “new normal” during the coronavirus pandemic, Jodie has launched a program called ‘Mind Muscles! The program, while tailored for COVID-19, is a package for life and a well-rounded introduction to Jodie’s work.

WEEK 1 - Mental health – no shame in our mental health

WEEK 2 - Believe you are not alone

WEEK 3 – Feelings - why we shouldn’t dismiss the tough ones?

WEEK 4 – Harnessing your pain – understanding your nervous system

WEEK 5 – Choice is a superpower – how to understand choice

WEEK 6 – Why anger is not a dirty word, what it is and how to use it

WEEK 7 – Unleash the inner Warrior – believe in yourself, your story and your scars

Plus a 15-minute call over the 7 weeks.

Jodie has been featured in various media outlets including The Age, Triple M and Kiddipedia. Read more about Jodie on her website:

For interviews/quotes/article suggestions, please contact:



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