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Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The most common question we get asked... ANSWERED!!

We often get asked the question by those wanting to write and publish their first book about whether they should Traditionally-Publish or Self-Publish.

Before we begin, we always ask them about ‘WHY’ they are writing their book, what’s it all about? We enquire, “Are you telling your story, offering a solution or giving something else to your readers?”

Almost all the time the answer is the same, “If my story can help just one person then I will know I have made a difference”.

Perfect. So, it is with this in mind, the first response we make to all authors when asked that question, is that we recommend they take the path of Self-Publishing.

Self-Publishing guarantees you the right to be published and we all love a guarantee in life, right? And as authors you they have already expressed you want to help others with their story, so guaranteeing a published book seems a no-brainer!!

As a first-time author you can sit up there proudly on Amazon with Traditional Publishers (minus some of the difficulties and challenges that can be faced with Traditional-Publishing). And when you think 70% of world-wide book sales come from Amazon, I’d say that’s a pretty good start right? Levels the playing field by being on the same distribution platform.

Self-Publishing has many benefits to it! Such as you retain the rights and royalties to your book and you have full control over the book, cover design, sale price and all.

Many are concerned about who owns their book, and my answer is it should always be YOU, the author - it is YOUR work, thoughts and intellectual property.

We (Cindication) will never own your book; we simply provide you with a Publishing Project Management Service (PPMS), from go to woe.

Conversely, in Traditional Publishing, a publisher will invest a lot of money into all aspects of the book - you are “just the writer”, one component, so this means that you are just one piece in the puzzle of your book juggernaut.

More often than not, you may not get to have a say in the title, cover design and even (da-da-dahhhh) …. some characters can be written out subject to book marketability!

Also, many Traditional Publishers rarely pick up first-time authors, so they still expect you to have a great deal to do with the marketing of the book. (Some stories we have heard is that unless you have 10,000 social media followers, they won’t take you on). So, if you think you just get to write and they do all the marketing work, think again!!

Many authors want the status of being Traditionally Published, however this requires additions such as agents, solicited manuscripts and lengthy periods of time. It is not uncommon for a book to take 2-3 years to be published and come to fruition.

And whilst the attraction of a first off big pay-cheque is in mind, you may be surprised to learn that many authors receive only between $5-15K per book (which if you think about isn’t a lot to live off for 2-3 years). So big pay-cheque first means you will receive smaller royalties later on. (You are just one piece in the jigsaw puzzle here remember, not the entire jigsaw like you are with Self-Publishing).

In comparison to self-publishing, you invest first in your book and then receive all the royalties (minus what Amazon or other distributors take).

For all our authors, my advice is the same – start with Self-Publishing.

We don’t want you to give up your project and story to those who haven’t understood it or walked it with you. It’s often a very raw and vulnerable story that has induced transformation. It’s not something we feel that you can just change according to market preference or eliminate characters or events from your story just to sell more.

This is why we only take on a boutique of authors that we feel need to get their stories out in the first place. Remember the motto of Cindication is “Small People, Big Voices” – and your stories deserve the right to be heard in the big arena too!

There are many ways you can go about being Self-Published, take some time to have a look and research and see if this works for you.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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