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Traditional PR vs Socials

With over 2 billion users on Facebook alone and more on other Social Platforms, you could be forgiven for thinking this is the new way (and only way) to do PR. However, we do still need our old and trusty Traditional PR methods because it's not a case of either/or but rather a case of using both. The focus should always be on telling your story and finding, converting and keeping customers as your #1 approach.

There is much debate surrounding whether Traditional PR has had its day by comparison to Social PR. We have seen the rise and rise of Socials and the instant media it can give. We have also seen its accessibility to a wider audience but are we really in a position to be ditching Traditional media altogether. In my opinion, the answer in "No", we need both and here's why.

When it comes to telling your story it's not either/or approach for Traditional PR vs Social Media - it is a combined approach that works best. The focus should be on telling your story and finding, converting and keeping customers. The #1 Rule here is Reputation and Great Customer Service. Great customer service is the best PR you can do to grow your business. You may think this has nothing to do with PR but it is #1. If your customer service is bad or your online reviews are negative, that kind of word of mouth will spread quickly. People love to complain and it's easier to do it now more than ever. Why?

Because...Social Media is a two-way engagement in information and conversation (where as Traditional media is one-way, once it's printed its final). Social media, however, can be edited and changed and altered in instant time. By having an online conversation with a potential customer or client, you build a relationship. That’s what builds a following that leads to growth.

On the other hand, Traditional Media immediately endorses you and increases your credibility. How? Because a journalist wants to showcase your story, find out who you are and what you are doing. This third-party endorsement means unlike social media where you are "100% self-reporting". However in traditional media this will not suffice and you can trust that due diligence and research will be conducted (and this part of what we do), so when a journalist goes looking at your Facebook Page, your LinkedIn Profile or your Website, all your branding, colours and core messages are the same and consistent across the board.


  • Where "Self-Reporting will not suffice

  • Third-Party Endorsed

  • Specific Target Audience

  • Unlikely your Audience will only use one media type/source 

  • For those not Online

  • Regional Presence

  • Can help you become known, liked and trusted


  • Unlimited Audience

  • Instant/Real Time

  • Two-way Conversation

  • Ability to engage and edit once posted

  • Can build trust with prospects

  • Social media is about being Social

  • More control over your message

  • Dynamic rather than static

Combine them both and you are well on your way :)

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