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Sport, Recreation and Fitness is seen by many cultures across the globe as part of their 'identity'. Australia in particular, prides itself on being a 'sporting nation' due to its high overall involvement in sport, from a junior level right up to elite standard.

With the impact of Covid-19 we saw many sporting and rec facilities close temporarily and along with it the many benefits including, improved health, teamwork, community involvement, fun, leadership and more.


At Cindication, we understand the direct link between healthy bodies and healthy minds so we were encouraged many of our sporting club clients to continue to provide classes and tutorials via Zoom and their social media platforms to encourage participation and engagement. 

Now that many of the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, the focus is now on encouraging those back in their chosen fitness / sports as well as attracting new participants who now understand the value that exercise can bring to one's overall health. 

Our focus is to continue to support Sports, Recreation & Fitness that provide an inclusive and friendly culture and encourage a healthy attitude towards participating in physical activity.​

Case Study

           Case Study Recreational

Gymnastics Synopsis:

BUGS Gymnastics (Recreational) has been providing recreational gymnastics classes to the local community for more than 30 years. They are a not-for-profit organisation and are affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. They proudly have over 600 young girls and boys participating in gymnastics classes every week on a fun and recreational basis.

Part of the reason that a sporting club like BUGS Gymnastics works as well as it does, is that it provides a much needed service for the community (with many 'inclusion' programs ranging from neurodiverse children to the over 55's+ age group) As well, it supports the many wide ranging benefits that sport has to offer including, teamwork, participation, fitness and fun.

During Covid19 we have helped with online engagement of its current gymnasts as well as PR / Comms around returning to gymnastics once the pandemic has subsided and our 'new normal' is upon us. 

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar