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Cindication is also about things in life that bring us all joy! This includes travel, creative arts and lifestyle.

We take pride in nurturing fresh and upcoming talent, help artists of all crafts, find their niche and then tell the world about them! 

Whether you’re a photographer, artist or first time author who needs a starter kit or an ARIA Award winner singer/song-writer that needs a multi-platform approach to traditional PR and social media, Cindication has the experience to get you where you want to be.

We have worked with authors along the way on manuscript appraisals, writing coaching and assisted indie-self-publishing. We can help newcomers to find the words to articulate their story, hone their message and spread the word.

The Cindication team enjoys becoming immersed in a story and building a campaign that reflects it with the right buzz. We have worked with beginners to experienced authors, creative artists and performers, who needed support with one or two steps of the process to those who have desired assistance on the entirety of their journey. We’ve helped with media releases to book launches, music interviews, album launches, book signings to speaking engagements, website creation to social media campaigns.

We’ve assisted Caz Inc The Label on supporting and spreading the good news on her sustainable fashion label for the every-day person, as well as Jamie Lee Wilson (singer) with her media.


We have brought to you the renovation dream journey of 'TheOaknPine' via social media (Insta) and a blog for all Reno Addicts, Eco Folk and Sassy Sustainable Saints looking to rebuild and live a sustainable lifestyle.

As we being to emerge from the heavy restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, we know there is huge pressure on domestic Australian travel and alterations and shifts to the way in which people have lived. Having been stuck indoors, many people are keen to explore new locations, support bushfire affected regions and discover new healthy lifestyles. 

The synergy here works well with Cindication’s focus on health, wellbeing and mental health. We all need to be able to make time to nature bathe, take a trip to a wellness retreat and seek serenity. 

Cindication is focused on becoming the one-stop shop for wellness – including arts, travel and lifestyle!

Case Studies



Case Study THE OAKnPINE Synopsis:

The dream journey of renovation and sustainable living came out of the challenging time of the Covid19 whereby, husband and wife team, Brett & Lissie, made the decision to leave behind their outback Queensland home and their jobs to move to another rural location that was closer to family and where they could rebuild a new dream.


Nearly driving past the property up for sale, they slammed on the breaks, reversed up and found their piece of paradise. Armed with a renewed sense of life and reinvigoration, they set about sharing their journey and new dream of renovating in a sustainable way, careful choosing items and building all with heart, spirit and the environment in mind. 

Cindication helped empower them to share their journey of their new way of life and shared something warm and joyous in an otherwise treacherous time in our history.

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Case Study JVMIE (Singer) Synopsis:

With news from the Prime Minister that Australians would be subject to a new, supervised, mandatory quarantine at an unknown hotel on arrival in Australia, what was already an incredibly difficult time, became even more stressful for the LA based, Gold Coast born and bred artist, Jamie Lee Wilson aka JVMIE.


After losing all foreseeable gigs and sessions due to the coronavirus pandemic, JVMIE returned to the Gold Coast and used her quarantine time creatively to work on an album of songs that not only acknowledges the current tension in the world, but also inspires a sense of hope.


While in hotel isolation JVMIE has been collaborating remotely with LA based film composer, Lionel Cohen fusing elements of electronic music with cinematic textures. “All In This Together” was inspired by the signs of hope coming out of these challenging times.